How To Start a Fire With Urine [VIDEO]

True or False: You can start a fire with your own pee. TRUE. Depending on how hydrated you are, it may be far easier than you would ever think. In fact, if you can fill a clear plastic water bottle with fairly clear urine, then you have a lens. With that lens, although its not as efficient as a magnifying glass, can be used in much the same way. By holding the bottle upside down and allowing sunlight to pass through the convex top, you can focus the light onto tinder and create smoldering embers. Simply fan those embers, add […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Night Vision

We can all agree that seeing in the darkness is a huge advantage under everyday circumstances. In a crisis situation, the quality of your night vision will be that much more important. Now, I wish I had 5 easy steps that would allow you to suddenly have the night vision of a cat (they require only 1/6th the light we do)… but unfortunately there are no known exercises, pills, or surgeries that can pull off that miracle. You can dramatically improve your vision at night however. With a few simple techniques, tricks, and even a couple of “magic pills” you […]

Top 5 Must Haves for Your Blackout Kit

Most Americans laugh off the threat of power outages, believing the power will come back on in a few minutes… but as many of us have experienced first-hand, sometimes these blackouts can last hours or even days. Have you ever had to endure a blackout that lasted waaaay longer than you expected? I have. And here’s the thing, I wasn’t prepared. It was a real mess. And sure, flashlights are important in a blackout, but there are a lot of other items that are equally, if not more important. That’s why I’m not wasting a spot on my top 5 […]

WSJ: America’s Power Grid Is A Timebomb

Do you have a blackout plan in place? I hope you so, because you may need it… According to the Wall Street Journal, the grid is in such a state of disrepair that blackouts this winter are a virtual guarantee. If you haven’t made the proper preparations, you may be in for some very dark, very cold days… especially if you live in the tri-state area, hit by super storm Sandy last winter. According to energy experts, no meaningful improvements have been made to the grid since the storm, since the great “East Coast Blackout” of 10 years ago. And […]

Top 15 Places to Store Your Survival Food

Food storage is an essential part of any crisis plan, but where do you store all of those supplies? What if you live in an apartment that’s somewhat challenged in the square footage department? Where are you going to store all of that food? Unless you invest in compact food buckets with a  shelf life of 25+ years, there are a surprising number of considerations that go into the process. Each storage location has a unique set of pros and cons. Basements, closets, furniture, attics, storage sheds… all of these can vary widely in temperature, humidity, etc. Here’s a list […]

This is What Hyperinflation Looks Like [VIDEO]

One of the most destabilizing and, unfortunately, most likely scenarios that patriots worry about is an economic collapse. Unlike an earthquake or weather disaster, the effects of an economic collapse are felt all across the nation simultaneously, even around the world. Everyone living within the borders of the collapsing nation is hamstrung, with very few in a position to give any help. If you haven’t been paying attention to Venezuela’s economic slide, you may want to start. Since the rise of the socialist government in Venezuela, beginning with Hugo Chavez, the controlling regime has become more and more totalitarian. Now, […]

How to Build a SHTF Tin Can Heater [VIDEO]

Sure, there are a million survival stoves on the market. But if you’re like me, you’re a huge sucker for learning how to build your survival tools all by yourself, “MacGyver style” as I like to say… That’s why I was excited to come across this video, which shows how to build a low-tech alcohol stove out of a paint can, rubbing alcohol, and a roll of TP. In fact, this is an excellent time to add all 3 of these items to you survival checklist: 1 – large tin or aluminum can 1 – Large container of rubbing alcohol […]

7 Hotel Security Tips

Most survival tips are designed to help make your home more secure, like some kind of armageddon-proof fortress. And that’s a great thing… What many of these guidelines fail to realize, however, is that a person is much more vulnerable outside of their home, in unfamiliar territory so to speak. Especially when you’re traveling… If you’ve ever been the victim of a pickpocket, mugging, or theft, you probably weren’t in your own home. Opportunistic criminals make a habit of targeting travelers, precisely because tourists are generally unfamiliar with their surroundings and a little disoriented. They’re easy targets and they stick […]

How to Stack and Season Firewood

Summer’s over and the cold fronts are already starting to move across the country. Finally, it’s fireplace season (or fire pit season) once again. But of course, you’ll need something to burn… Stacking and seasoning firewood is by no means rocket science, but it’s not as simple as piling up a bunch of logs either. There are many subtle tricks of the trade that, when taken into consideration, can save you headaches down the road. Even if you do have a stockpile of firewood stacked neatly in the yard,  you may want to take a moment to check your work. 3 […]