What To Do When You Cross Paths With A Bear [VIDEOS]

It’s always a possibility you’ll run into a bear while enjoyin’ the backcountry. But every bear is different. You never know what will tick them off… That’s why it’s important to follow what you are about to see. In these video clips, you will learn from average Joes how to survive different types of bear encounters! ***Warning – Some of these clips contain strong language and graphic material not suitable for some viewers***

How Would You Get This Family of Black Bears Out of Your Pool? [VIDEO]

We’ve discuss the proper ways to handle a bear encounter on Patriot Caller at length, but those tactics mostly apply to bears encounter “in the wild.” The situation featured in this crazy video is much, much different. This bear encounter involves an entire family of bears and one above ground pool. Yes, the description reads like instant YouTube gold… RELATED: How to Survive a Bear Attack Even though these bears are invading a backyard swimming pool, several key “bear survival” tactics clearly apply here. First and foremost, it’s important to note that this is a momma bear and her cubs. […]

How To Survive a Bear Attack

There are several natural events that, for whatever reason, engage our survival instincts at a primal level. Tornadoes, poisonous snakes, and, yes, bear attacks all just seem to get something going in our prepper brains. I don’t know about you, but I have dreams about dealing with these things… I wouldn’t really call them nightmares, because they’re so fascinating and primal. To put things into perspective, you’ll most likely never have to deal with an angry bear in your lifetime. Even if you live in “bear country,” the chances that you’ll be attacked are slim to none… RELATED: Will a […]