Take a Look at the World’s Largest Snake Pit [VIDEO]


If you have severe snake-o-phobia, then you probably don’t want to watch this video… because it features the greatest concentration of snakes found anywhere on the planet.

And that concentration, believe it or not, ISN’T located in a lush tropical region. Instead, it’s located in a place that reaches -50 degrees in the winter.

In fact, that’s exactly why they tend to cluster up so amazingly — to escape the frigid temperatures in subterranean limestone of Manitoba’s Interlake Region. While it may seem apocalyptic to those with a deep fear of reptiles, these garter snakes are relatively harmless and even fairly tame.

So, what does it look like when tens of thousands of garter snakes decide to huddle together in a den the size of your living room?

Like this:

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