Top 8 Concealed Carry Handguns [Under $300]

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Taurus Millennium G2

Weight: 22 oz

Barrel: 3.2”

Grip: textured polymer for easy comfort

Frame: slim, lightweight polymer

Action Type: double and single action with second-strike capabilities: 6.8 lb trigger pull (DA); 2.5 lb trigger pull (SA)

Security: taurus security system and loaded chamber indicator

Sights: fixed front sights and adjustable two-dot rear sights

Accessory Ready: picatinny rail

Price: $249.00 at



Weight: 15 oz

Barrel: 3.5”

Grip: zytel polymer with ergonomic finger grooves and a recoil cushion on the backstop

Frame: zytel poly

Action Type: double action with 9 lb trigger pull

Safety: internal hammer lock with firing pin safety and trigger guard lock

Accessory Ready: no rail but you can add some laser sights to the trigger guard

Price: $249.99 at

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