5 Keys Decisions to Make Before Buying a Homestead Property

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bug92. What’s My Goal?

Carefully selecting and defining your goal is fundamental to your homesteading success. Most people give themselves way too much wiggle room in this regard and it costs them big time later down the road.

The question you must ask yourself is: What would make this property a success?

Is it affordability the key to you keeping this property long term? Agricultural income potential? Is this really just a bug-out cabin that you’ll use as a vacation property?

With stars in your eyes and visions of your children riding horses in your mind, it’s much harder that you think to understand your most honest needs and wants.

For a homesteader/bug-out cabin property like we’re referring to, we’d measure the success of your purchase by the length of time you own the property. In fact, we’d go as far to say that, for all intents and purposes, homesteader/survivalists are not remarkably different from any other rural property buyer.

Many people believe they’d love to own a ranch, or a farm, or a hunting property. The best indicator of how well the reality fit with their imagination is how long they continued to own the property. The better a property fits your criteria and provides you the benefits you hope to gain, the longer you’ll probably own it.

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