5 Keys Decisions to Make Before Buying a Homestead Property

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Wood_AmericanGothicwithGuitarsThe old American dream was a nice single family home with a fence and a yard. Recently, however, we’ve noticed a shift in the American dream that’s coming on strong.

The new American dream includes a larger, more rural property where folks can spread out, raise chickens in the yard, pick banjos on the porch, and shoot their guns.

No, it’s not for everybody. But more and more Americans are seeing the value in the front porch lifestyles their great grandparent enjoyed. There’s a certain level of independence and pride that can only be enjoyed on your very own spread.

With the booming popularity of self-reliance, shooting sports, gardening, small livestock, and hunting, there simply isn’t enough capacity to meet these needs in the city, or even in the suburbs.

And while “Meanwhile, back at the ranch,” evokes the romantic hollywood notion of rural living, Green Acres style. The truth is there are plenty of pitfalls that can make your homesteader’s dream a bumpy ride. That’s why we came up with this list of key factors you must consider before you buy the farm (literally, not figuratively).

Click Through This List to Make Sure You’ve Got All the Bases Covered

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