5 Keys Decisions to Make Before Buying a Homestead Property

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landroverdefender3. Accessibility

You might be thinking: I don’t plan to visit more than once a month, so remoteness isn’t a big issue for me.

Or, you might plan to move to your homestead and think: I’m going to live on this property and work the land full-time, so there no commute to worry about.

Both of these notions are dangerously¬†high risk. Why, because the ease of access is going to directly impact your ability to enjoy the property. Thus, if you have to drive 500 miles to get there, it’s just a matter of time before you get fed up with the mortgage, taxes, and other expenses.

On the flip side, don’t underestimate how much local amenities will impact your ability to enjoy your property. If your rural retreat is 90 minutes from the nearest hardware store or feed store, you could be¬†setting yourself up for some unpleasant realizations.

That’s how important accessibility is to your decision. Many people set a certain maximum radius or drive time to help narrow down options. Even when you do this, it’s easy to talk yourself to tack on another 30 minutes to get a larger or less expensive property.

Typically, the further you get from a population center, the cheaper the prices get per acre. Just be sure you don’t talk yourself into a drive that you’re not willing to live with. Additionally, keep in mind that being within close reach of an Ace Hardware or Feed Barn can be pretty nice for lots of reasons.

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