8 Ways to Purify Water You Never Knew About

Water is an essential liquid that can help keep your skin moisturized. Your body also utilizes water to maintain key bodily functions and regulate a normal temperature. As your body loses water through digestion, breathing and sweating, you’ll need to replenish the fluids regularly to prevent dehydration.

Additionally, to maintain the essential health and wellness in humans, animals and vegetation, your water needs to be free from impurities such as minerals, contaminants and other pathogens. If the liquid isn’t in its purest form, the bacteria can cause health complications through diseases and illnesses. The following are ways to purify water that you never knew about (plus a few ways you might know, but need to be reminded about).


Water is a very valuable liquid when it comes to survival situations. Unfortunately, as some sources may be littered with contaminants, you’ll want to ensure your water is safe to drink by purifying it. Iodine is a plain liquid that can destroy dangerous pathogens found in water. But some individuals can be turned off by the flavor it leaves behind.

To purify water using iodine, collect the water you need and place between 2 and 10 drops in it, depending on the clearness of the water. If your water is cloudy, you’ll need to use the maximum amount of iodine drops.  Let it sit for at least 30 minutes until the iodine combats the bacteria found in the water. You can also purchase iodine in crystal, tablet and tincture form.

Take note, if you use more than the required dosage, iodine can prove toxic. That’s why it’s important to heed the proper dosages. Also, iodine only kills pathogens that are living. If your water has been harmed due to radiation, fertilizers and other heavy metals, it probably won’t help. Individuals who are allergic to iodine also shouldn’t use this unique method to purify water.

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