Hunter’s Deli: Simple Corned Venison Recipe [STEP-BY-STEP]


Diehard deer hunters are always looking out for new recipes that make the taste of their venison as sweet as thrill of the hunt that brought it to the table. While just about every hunter knows 2 or 3 recipes that work great with this very flavorful, yet extremely lean meat, it's easy to wear those recipes out like mom's meatloaf. If you've ever gone toe-to-toe with a … [Read more...]

How NOT to Release a Bobcat [VIDEO]


We're not exactly sure why these two shovel-toting gentlemen are fooling around with this bobcat, but the result is an incredible, entertaining, and highly educational piece of video footage. While many people, including the woman in this video, think of bobcats as fairly benign creatures, they've been known to put up quite a fight when they feel threatened. In this … [Read more...]

Top 5 Turkey Guns


In the quest for self-sufficiency, there are certain activities that sharpen one particular survival skill at a time, such as target practice or learning new shelter-building techniques. Then there are those rare activities that can sharpen your self-reliance skills in a more “global” kind of way. Turkey hunting, in particular, involves moving stealthily, sometimes under the … [Read more...]