9 Disastrous Things That’ll Happen During the Next Major Blackout

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2. Massive Destruction of Property

Riots will lead to the massive destruction of property, and many people will be hurt or killed.

If you live in a major downtown area, you should start carefully considering how to protect your home and vehicle.

Even in a quiet suburban area, it’s still very wise to start putting your car in your garage every night just in case.

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3. Food Shortages

We’ve mentioned several times in the past that your local grocery store would have empty shelves within three days if something were to stop delivery trucks from arriving.

This problem will be exacerbated by a prolonged power outage because even stores that have an emergency generator won’t be able to use them forever. This will cause tons of food to become spoiled at the exact time when people need that food the most.

Any food that is left will be purchased or looted from stores during the first day of the blackout. Don’t expect any emergency food supplies to make it to your area quickly, especially with traffic lights being out for hundreds or perhaps even thousands of miles.

Photo by Erica Zabowski

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