9 Disastrous Things That’ll Happen During the Next Major Blackout

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4. Lack of Emergency Services

When the power goes out, riots will happen. Riots will lead to serious, life-threatening injuries.

Is your plan to call 911 during this type of emergency? Better think again. Most hospitals only have enough fuel to power their generators for 24 hours.

After that time, their power will fail too, which means they won’t be able to keep people alive. Of course, you won’t even be able to get ahold of them anyway, and we’ll explain why on the next page.

Photo by Kim Siever

5. Cellphones Will Stop Working

Right now, you have the world in your pocket. You can call, text or email practically anyone at any time, and you can also access informative websites such as The Patriot Caller to help you prepare for a future that isn’t so bright. All of this will change as soon as the power dies.

Not only will it be difficult to keep your phone charged (invest in a small solar powered cellphone charger right now, people!) but most cellphone towers only have enough backup juice to deliver four to six hours of service time. And even if you can make a call, there’s no guarantee you’ll get through because the circuits will undoubtedly be jammed.

Photo by Marjan Lazarevski

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