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Can You Spot the Mountain Lion? He’s Standing Right There… [VIDEO]

If you ever wondered how difficult it really is to spot a cougar in the wild, you need to watch this video. Although we don’t think of the mountain lion’s coat as being “camouflaged,” the light color does a pretty good job concealing their hiding spots in a wide variety of climates. But as you can see, it’s even effective in the snow. RELATED: Amazing Things Happen When You Throw a Cardboard Box into a Cougar’s Enclosure Equally impressive is this particular cougar’s ability to sense that it’s being watched. This animal clearly knows that the cameraman is hiding in […]

The Easiest Way to Remove a Tick [VIDEO]

It’s summertime, and this means that you are most likely going to spend a lot more time in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, this will leave you exposed to the possibility of getting bitten by ticks and chiggers. Not only will a bite cause you discomfort but it could also make you sick. Ticks: Removing These Dangerous Pests There are several tick-borne diseases in the U.S., including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia. Lyme disease is a medical condition that impacts the muscle and joints. Other symptoms include fatigue, fevers, headaches and a stiff neck. If the condition goes […]

Take a Look at the World’s Largest Snake Pit [VIDEO]

If you have severe snake-o-phobia, then you probably don’t want to watch this video… because it features the greatest concentration of snakes found anywhere on the planet. And that concentration, believe it or not, ISN’T located in a lush tropical region. Instead, it’s located in a place that reaches -50 degrees in the winter. In fact, that’s exactly why they tend to cluster up so amazingly — to escape the frigid temperatures in subterranean limestone of Manitoba’s Interlake Region. While it may seem apocalyptic to those with a deep fear of reptiles, these garter snakes are relatively harmless and even fairly […]

Florida Man Captures Unbelievable Photo of ‘Raccoon Riding an Alligator’

A man captured a rare image while out walking in the middle of a national forest in central Florida this week: an image of a raccoon riding an alligator. The man, Richard Jones, seemed to be at the right place at the right time to snap a photo of what appears to be one of the strangest test drive situations ever. He told reporters that he took the unusual snapshot while walking with his family in the Ocala National Forest. Jones told television station WFTV that he “snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and […]

Amazing Things Happen When You Throw a Cardboard Box in With a Big Cat [VIDEO]

Cardboard boxes are great for starting campfires, building forts with the kiddos, and they even make excellent cat toys… But what happens when you throw an oversized cardboard box in a cage with a big cat, like a mountain lion? Answer: Awesomeness! We don’t want to give anything away before you watch the video, so we’ll just say that they all behave in a very similar way… RELATED: Watch 2 Huge Bobcats Face Off in a Suburban Front Yard [VIDEO] Whether that’s ripping the box to shreds, attacking it mercilessly, or building a cardboard box fortress, you’ll just have to watch […]

These Animals Are Most Likely to Kill You [CHART]

Why do we enjoy dangerous animals so much? It’s hard to say… Perhaps it’s the survival aspect that makes venomous snakes, bears, and cougars so darned interesting to us, but it’s plainly evident that both we and our readers are keenly interested in dangerous animals. Here’s proof: RELATED: Coyote Faces Off With Bobcat in Park [VIDEO] RELATED: How to Survive a Bear Attack [VIDEO] RELATED: How to Identify Venomous North American Snakes [PICS] RELATED: Will a Bite From This Spider Kill You? [VIDEO] Many would say we’re simply morbid or paranoid, but here at The Patriot Caller, we prefer to believe we’re […]

CRAZY: Courtship Dance Display of Jumping Peacock Spiders [VIDEO]

These tiny Australian spiders are one more example of just how amazing Nature can be. This video shows how these male jumping peacock spiders display the stunning color patterns on their abdomens during their courtship dance. YouTube Video According to Wikipedia: “The jumping spider family (Salticidae) contains more than 500 described genera (like the Maratus genus, also known as peacock spiders) and about 5,000 described species, making it the largest family of spiders with about 13% of all species. Jumping spiders have some of the best vision among arthropods and use it in courtship, hunting, and navigation. Though they normally […]

Crazy Bobcat Faces Off With Coyote in City Park [VIDEO]

It’s not often you get to see a bobcat or a coyote in broad daylight, on the side of a popular hiking trail no less. But to witness a coyote-bobcat faceoff, with a video camera in your hands? That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! This bizarre scene apparently took place on the side of the paved bike trail at River Legacy Park in Arlington, TX. Neither of these animals show outward signs of rabies, but their behavior sure makes them suspect. Under any normal circumstances, that bobcat is too close for comfort. RELATED: Headless Cottonmouth Bites Itself [VIDEO] Clearly, the woman on the […]

Cottonmouthzilla: This Will Make You Think Twice About Swimming in the Creek [VIDEO]

Look at what these hunters stumbled onto while planting a duck hole last season. Cottonmouths (AKA water moccasins) typically grow to between 30 and 48 inches, occasionally as long as 74 inches long, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo. How long do you think “Cottonmouthzilla” is judging from the video? Water moccasins are highly venomous and are known to stand their ground when they feel threatened. This specimen, however, appears to be so thick and massive that it’s hard for the creature to even get around. RELATED: Will a Bite from This Snake Kill You? [QUIZ] Little is known about the typical life […]

Do Yourself a Favor and Watch “The Important Places” [VIDEO]

Mainstream media is full of sappy, manipulative, and overly emotional videos aimed at making you donate or buy into some cause, movement, or trend. These would-be tear jerkers make us angry, usually because they take their ability to motivate you for granted… Well, here’s some good news… “The Important Places” is not one of those. While this video about a son and his aging father on a 28-day rafting trip may get your a little misty-eyed, especially with Father’s Day coming up, odds are you will agree with every idea put forth this short film by Forest Woodward. One idea […]