10 Places You’ll Want to Go if the Lights Go Out

A power outage is never a good thing, even if it only lasts for a few hours. After all, it can lead to food spoilage, and it also brings with it the fear that something irregular is at fault. But a long-term grid outage, as the result of terrorism or sabotage, has the power to reduce any city in America into SHTF ground zero, where commerce, transportation, and law enforcement simply grind to a halt. For most preppers, all signs point toward a “bug out” scenario. But where do you go if the power goes out in your area, especially […]

How to Fix a Flat Tire With a HILLBILLY FIREBALL! [VIDEO]

When you’re out four-wheeling in the backcountry, a flat tire can be a very big deal… while a tire that’s been knocked off the bead can be disastrous or worse. It could leave you stranded in a very desolate area in harsh weather conditions. That’s why it’s very important to a.) Keep your vehicle stocked with all the emergency essentials (including tools and a spare tire) and b.) To know a few tricks of the trade in case you and your vehicle get in a bind. RELATED: Top 8 Bug-Out 4X4s Straight Off the Lot [SHTF PREP] One of these […]

How to Open a Can in 30 Seconds Without a Can Opener [No Tools Required]

One of the fundamentals of any SHTF crisis plan is, of course, an emergency food stockpile. Of all of the stockpiles we’ve seen over the years, 99.99% of them include canned food. The vast majority of those with a self-reliance mindset do think of the obvious need for a manual can opener. However, it’s the type of detail that can easily fall through the cracks, or break, or get misplaced… In the event that you need to open a can without an opener, in an emergency or even on a camping trip, there are basically two types of methods: The […]

7 Controversial Survival Secrets Learned From The Ukraine Civil War

Fortunately, most Americans have never had to endure a war on our home front. However, there’s a level of ignorance, and even a bit of hubris, that comes along with never having experienced the horror and powerlessness of a war raging in your own backyard… It’s a humbling experience, to say the least, to come face to face with a set of dire circumstances that you are simply powerless to change. To take a note from the following reports from inside the Ukraine war zone — war will take your best-laid plans and rip them to shreds. To help us […]

20 Emergency Uses for Duct Tape

When it comes to multipurpose items to have on hand in case of emergencies, it’s hard to imagine anything that tops duct tape. In the hierarchy of survival necessities, duct tape has to fall behind only food, water, and (maybe) firearms. You may think I’m being facetious –and maybe I am just a little bit — but duct tape really does constitute one of the most versatile items you can have in your bug-out bag, in your vehicle, and in your emergency storage cache. Here are 20 emergency uses for duct tape (and by no means is this an exhaustive […]

16 Brick Rocket Stove

While much of the US is covered in forests, that doesn’t mean that you can count on readily available firewood during a crisis. Hoarding, over-harvesting, and simple supply and demand will make firewood hard to come by in many local areas (as it is in many third world nations). One way to safeguard your own supply is to set aside a cord of wood… But even then, you can’t afford to waste this precious resource. How can you stretch your cooking and heating fuel? Perhaps the best way is to build a  “rocket stove,” a simple stove design that will allow […]

Outsmart the “Bug-Out Gridlock” [Part One]

In a crisis situation, panic is the only given… If you intend to “bug-out,” then you must hit the roads before they become gridlocked, or even shut down by authorities. All experts agree that the first 72 hours of a crisis are the most critical. This is the time after the disaster strikes, but before aid arrives to quell the panic. What they often leave out is that: If you intend to escape to a remote location, a cabin in the woods perhaps, you’re going to need to leave within an hour of the crisis event… within the first 20 […]

Selecting the Right Rain Barrel

It’s springtime and the rain is coming down in buckets across many regions of the country. Aside from the farmers, however, few are capitalizing on the precious resource that’s falling out of the sky. Some are taking advantage of it though. And if you’re not among them, you sure as heck should be… Saying that water is essential to surviving a crisis is cliché. So I’m going at it from a different angle. If your goal is to become truly self-reliant, then you must have a way to provide your own water. In the movies, you’ll see folks collecting dew […]