The Free and Unlimited Way to Heat Your Home [VIDEO]

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Step 1

Drill a series of small holes in the bottom and sides (almost up to the lip) of one bucket. Provided that the holes are roughly 3/16″ in diameter, it’s good to have plenty of holes.

Later in the process, these will allow the water to weep out later in the process. Place the “holey” bucket inside the intact bucket.

NOTE: When drilling holes, it’s important that you don’t weaken the structural integrity of the bucket.


step2heatingStep 2

Fill your 5 gallon bucket with scrap paper. You can use this as you paper recycling bin and let it fill over time.

Once your bucket has filled to the bottom of the lip, it’s time to fill the bucket up with water.

Fill the bucket with plenty of water (approximately 2.5 to 3 gallons) and let the mixture sit overnight, so your paper is extremely waterlogged for step 3.

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