Why Hunting is the Ultimate Survival Pastime

Wanna know a dirty little secret? The majority of patriots in the survival movement don’t know how to find their own food out in nature…

It’s true! Many of us focus on the material resources that we need to survive — canned food, water, generators, etc. — that we don’t focus enough energy on our survival skills like construction, gardening, foraging, and hunting…

In fact, I’d argue that foraging and hunting are two of the most important survival skills you can develop, but not exactly for the reasons you might think.

Yes, hunting could put food on the table during a crisis… but it’s primary benefits are the skills that you develop while hunting. Consider just a few of these critical skills for a moment…

  • You learn to handle firearms safely.
  • You learn how to zero in a riflescope.
  • You learn how to locate prey.
  • You learn how patient you really are…
  • You learn map-reading an orienteering skills.
  • You learn more about the plants and wildlife in your area.
  • You learn how to field dress and butcher game (which applies to livestock butchering as well).
  • Last but not least, you make valuable contacts with landowners, farmers, and ranchers in your area (people who could sell you food when the supply grid grinds to a halt)


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All of these skills add up to a comprehensive and lifelong skill-building exercise. Almost all of these skills translate directly into survival preparedness.

The recent interest in tactical shooting is great, however it’s only represents a small piece of why firearms are such a necessity in a SHTF situation. Firearms will be important for defense, but also for food. By focusing only the tactical side of shooting, you’re really missing out on the broader picture.

Suffice to say, hobbies like tactical shooting, hiking, off-road vehicles, and backcountry camping are excellent additions to your preparedness toolkit. Hunting combines ALL OF THESE.

How to Get Started

With all of the gear and licensing involved, hunting can seem intimidating for beginners. That’s why I recommend reading a hunting guide before you even buy the first piece of equipment.

Hunt Great Deer” was written by an associate of mine who really knows his stuff when it comes to whitetail deer hunting.

His book walks you through the basics of hunting safety, camouflage, licensing, and even dressing game — pretty much everything you need to know before your first hunting season.

The best part is that his book is FREE until midnight 5/16!

Go download Hunt Great Deer now while it’s free and decide for yourself if hunting is a skill you’d like to add to your arsenal. CLICK HERE!


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  3. Thanks. This is a good tool for the future. Probably near future.

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  6. Might as well….we’re all destined back to the Stone Age anyway

  7. Yeah, sounds good. Too bad the window of opportunity was so short.

  8. How many can catch a chicken, kill it, pluck & clean, and then the easy part cook it!?
    I don’t think there are many, while our three kids were growing up took them out fishing and hunting. They were shown how to clean and prep a kill, andd had to do it at least once! So many kids think the food comes packaged into the store! When we went on our 2 week vacation to Alexander Springs, we were camping in a tent and cooking over an open fire. All the kids had a turn starting a fire, and cooking a meal. Cleaning the fish even my two girls did it right beside their brother! A small rabbit(bought-can’t trap in the Ocala National Forest!) so they finished cleaning the rabbit and at first they did not like it, but each of our kids had brought a friend with them(so the wife and myself had time for us!) could not believe what it took to get food to the cooking pot! This was a lesson that will be with them for the rest of their lives! Just to know how to prepare food for cooking.

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