This Chart Will Immediately Improve Your Pistol Shooting [STEP-BY-STEP]

The best shooters in the world are the ones who strive to master the fundamentals relentlessly. Expert level shooting accuracy, whether you’re shooting a handgun or rifle, is improved with diligence and repetition. You might say there is no “magic bullet.” None of these 6 fundamentals will make the bullets hit the bullseye. Instead, they will help you focus on how you hold on target and squeeze the trigger, i.e. the variables the shooter actually controls. Jams, variations in ammo quality, misfires, etc. Those variables can be controlled for, but they aren’t controlled directly at the point of the shot. RELATED: […]

10 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed in an Emergency

If you’re a prepper, then the name of the game is survival. But what happens when the “survival” tactics you’ve been taught turn out to be a pack of lies? Unfortunately, there’s a TON of misinformation swirling around the survivalism movement. Some of it simply doesn’t work at all, putting your plans in serious danger of failure or collapse. Some of these myths will straight up put you in danger or make a dangerous situation much much worse. Society doesn’t need to fall apart in order for these myths to do you harm, either. Bad advice is as bad today as […]

POP QUIZ: Can Bulletproof Glass Stop a Shotgun Slug?

Maybe you’re a big fan of shotgun slugs… maybe not. But we guarantee the strange, military grade slugs featured in this video will get ANY shooter’s attention. When you send those strange slugs smashing into sheets of bulletproof glass, it becomes must-see TV (of in this case, YouTube). This incredible test pits 5 slugs, from 5 different nations, against a piece of bullet-resistant glass. This glass is rated to stop small arms fire. How does it hold up against a variety of 12-gauge slugs? Watch and see… Click NEXT to watch .50 Cal vs BulletProof Glass

THIS is How You Beat the S#!+ Out of a Mugger With a Pen [STEP-BY-STEP]

If you’re not familiar with the self-defense value of the “tactical pen,” it’s understandable that you might scoff at the whole concept. We did when we first saw those two words next to one another. Despite the old adage, the pen is mightier than the sword, it seems ridiculous to think of writing as a “tactical” discipline. Isn’t a bit outlandish to demand that even your writing utensils must be made for combat scenarios? Martial Arts Origins Well, you might be surprised to find out is that the tactical pen has it’s roots in Jiu-Jitsu. In fact, it’s quite a […]

[VIDEO] 7 Unbelievable Gun Battles Where No Lives Are Lost (Somehow…)

It’s hard to imagine any situation more stressful and with higher stakes than getting caught up in a shootout. While many self-defense enthusiasts seem taken with the attitude that it’s no big deal to exchange fire with a bad guy, they’ve clearly missed the mark. As we see over and over in these harrowing videos, most gunfights (if not the large majority) are a whirlwind of danger, confusion, and dumb luck. No matter how much training you have or how well armed you might be, chaos can put you at a serious disadvantage. If you’re one of those who don’t […]

The 2 Guns Donald Trump is Packing… (On the Record, at Least)

President Donald Trump has sparked a controversy or two in his still young presidency with his strong opinions. But one thing that’s not so controversial about this candidate is his choice in firearms. Often criticized for “shooting from the hip” when speaking to the media, many Americans may still be wondering exactly where “The Donald” stands on the carry issue. As a self-proclaimed lifelong New Yorker, one might assume that Trump doesn’t own any personal firearms, or that he’s had relatively little exposure to shooting sports, as he resides in a city well know for its restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. […]

Why You Should Lock Your Doors

Burglars like the one in the photo to the right are a rarity these days, nearly extinct. Learn why today’s burglars work very differently… If anyone calls you paranoid for keeping your doors locked at all hours of the day, send them a link to this post. It’s definitely an eye-opening look at how today’s criminals select their targets. Even better, send them to the video on page 2. This will clear up a lot of confusion about how most property crime truly takes place… and what “paranoid” behaviors are actually spot on. RELATED: Top 5 Shotguns for Home Defense [Under $300] […]

Long Range Shooting 101: Top 5 Rifles and Calibers for Survivalists

The art of shooting long distances engages a different set of skills and techniques than tactical, cowboy-action, or skeet shooting. Some may say long distance shooting is golf, whereas tactical shooting is basketball. Repetition, attention to detail, and the proper equipment can make an enormous difference when it comes to long distance accuracy. And, of course, these are just preparations you make to offset all the less-than-ideal conditions that you’ll almost certainly be dealing with in any real-world scenario. Back to the Fundamentals The key to performing nearly anything requiring precision under pressure is, to oversimplify a bit, practice. To […]

How to Free Yourself from Duct Tape, Rope and More!

If there’s one thing that movies have taught us, it’s that duct tape appears to be a virtually indestructible way to bind someone’s hands or legs together. The keyword here is “appears.” It’s actually surprisingly easy to escape “duct tape handcuffs,” contrary to public opinion. RELATED: 5 CIA Techniques to Keep Your Head Under Intense Pressure For both the simplicity and shock value, many real world criminals use duct tape to secure hostages, and most of their victims are unaware of how to free themselves. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques that you can utilize to free yourself if you […]

Can You Spot the Hidden Snipers? [GALLERY]

Photo credit: Simon Menner Can you find the sniper hiding out in the photo above? Many of us, particularly survivalists, hunters, veterans and even former snipers, like to believe they have a knack for knowing what a trained sniper might be thinking as he selects a shooting location. Well, here is your chance to prove that you can think like a sniper (click here to see if you spotted him). Each slide in this gallery includes a photo with a well-camouflaged sniper with a well-camoflauged weapon.  As soon as you believe you’ve spotted the sniper click the NEXT button to check your […]