86-Year-Old Sniper Veteran Still Has Deadly Accuracy [VIDEO]

The longest recorded sniper kill was shot from a distance of 2,706 yards by Corporal Craig Harrison in November 2009, but this feat was accomplished by an active soldier with modern technology on his side. Meanwhile, when 86-year-old veteran Ted Gundy served as a sniper during WWII, records were not even being kept yet in order to determine how far of a range these expert marksman had. Gundy saw action during WWII at the Battle of the Bulge and many other campaigns, so it is no wonder that he was recently honored by the United States Army Markmanship Unit with […]

Introducing the 600 Round 9mm Assault Clip [VIDEO]

In the quest for true advancements in the world of firearms technology, there are trendsetters and there are outliers. And while the trend for manufacturers is ever greater ammo capacities, we’re pretty sure that this design isn’t quite ready for mass production. Still, we’ll ask you shooters out there this very important question: Aren’t you sick and tired of those puny 16-round stock magazines? According to this video, these “low-capacity” magazines are out… and 600-rounders are in! Sure, you may need some type of dolly to carry around your ammo, and a trip to the range may be enough to give […]

Bang for Your Buck: 11 Best Semiautomatics on a Budget

When it comes to self-defense, the vast majority of military and tactical experts choose to carry a sidearm, rather than a shotgun or rifle. Semi-automatic pistols, in specific, are hands down winner when you put it to vote. And the reasons are simple. Semi-auto pistols offer a great deal of tactical advantages over other firearms. They’re lighter, more compact, and they hold plenty of ammo. For these reasons, they make a much more practical “everyday carry” than a pump shotgun or even a Colt revolver. Plus, there’s just something really nice about squeezing off a few rounds through a semi-auto. […]

How to Create Unhackable Passwords

When it comes to protecting your right to privacy, it’s become crystal clear that you are on your own… The IRS doesn’t care, the NSA doesn’t care, and even Fortune 500 retailers like Home Depot and Target cannot and/or will not do what it takes to truly protect your most vital information. The Sony Pictures hacking scandal is only the latest in a string of wake up calls for all privacy-loving patriots: It’s time to take responsibility for your own privacy.  One of the easiest ways to boost your online financial security is to take the time to upgrade your […]

9 Ways to Harden Your Home Against Looters and Thieves

Since the “Ferguson” riots spread across the country like wildfire, Americans across the country have woken up to the reality that violent, destructive protests can descend on their town suddenly. In anticipation, we’ve received a bunch of questions about what kind of unforeseen impacts these protests and riots may have on nearby communities. In specific, lots of self-reliance aficionados have correctly realized that while the police are busy keeping an eye on protesters, they won’t be able to respond to property crimes, e.g. looting. On a small scale, the riots we’ve observed over the past several years are windows into what […]

3 Devastating Weapons Hiding in Plain Sight

It goes without saying that most members of the self-reliance community prefer to be armed with some type of weapon when they go outside the home. Many members in the community carry concealed firearms for this purpose, when and where the law allows. Concealed carry is not available to all people in all areas, however, as state and local laws differ greatly throughout the nation. The vast majority of survivalists I’ve observed prefer the convenience of a pocketknife. Question: How confident do you really feel about your knife fighting skills? Unless you’ve been trained in martial arts, the answer should […]

Why You Need a Tactical Pen (Don’t Laugh)

A while back, I was birthday shopping for a friend who had a wish list saved on Amazon. One item on his list made me laugh out loud… It was a “tactical pen.” Now I’ve heard of some really esoteric survival concepts, but the idea of a “tactical pen!?” I just could fathom it. Less than a year later, I’ve fully changed my mind. I am a tactical pen convert, and there’s a very simple reason for this: Tactical pens are allowed in secured areas where knives, guns, and even credit card knives are prohibited. Tactical Pen 101 If you’re […]

Shotgun Defense: Are You Really Better Off With a Shotgun? [VIDEO]

If you read this blog often, you’re probably aware that I’m a big proponent of the pump shotgun for home defense (see my top 3 recommendations here). In fact, I often counsel students that if you only own 1 firearm, and you’re by no means what you might call a “firearms enthusiast,” I believe a pump-action shotgun is the best choice going away… Recently, I’ve received several questions about the true worthiness of a home defense shotgun. Specifically, many doubters argue that a shotgun is no better than handgun for home defense. While it’s true that a handgun is easier […]

Top 3 B.O.B. Guns

Recently, I had a friend ask me, “what’s the best gun for my bug-out bag?” It’s a question that I’ve answered more than a few of times over the years, but my answer has always been the same. I answer with another question: Do you consider yourself a firearms enthusiast? Now, I don’t ask this to be condescending. I’m always happy to talk about firearms until I’m blue in the face… but the answer to this question helps me give a much more helpful answer. The reason is that I need to determine the person’s level of familiarity with firearms […]

Fire Extinguisher Self-Defense [VIDEO]

In the hierarchy of everyday self-defense weapons, a concealed firearm is clearly near the top of the pyramid. Of course, concealed handguns are also bulky, heavy, and illegal many situations. But it’s not what’s at the top of the list that I’m interested in for the purpose of this article. Instead, I want to draw attention to an everyday object that’s a lot higher on the pyramid than most people think. Yes, I’m talking about the fire extinguisher. About 95% of the preppers I know carry a locking blade pocketknife. Many of them seem to think their knife puts them […]