The 2 Guns Donald Trump is Packing… (On the Record, at Least)

Image credit: Youtube

President-elect Donald Trump sparked a controversy or two along the campaign trail with his strong opinions. But one thing that’s not so controversial about this candidate is his choice in firearms.

Often criticized for “shooting from the hip” when speaking to the media, many voters may still be wondering exactly where “The Donald” stands on the gun issue.

As a self-proclaimed lifelong New Yorker, one might assume that Trump doesn’t own any personal firearms, or that he’s had relatively little exposure to shooting sports, as he resides in a city well know for its restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.

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But this assumption is wrong.  He was endorsed by the NRA without hesitation.

Plus, according to Trump’s past interviews, he does own several personal handguns. He even has a New York City carry permit, according to the video below.

Will Trump be the first US President in recent history to carry a sidearm?

Also of note, many voters are unaware that Donald J. Trump is a senior citizen. Born in 1946, the nominee is a septuagenarian. Maybe its the hair.

Interestingly enough, his most notable carry gun (the Smith and Wesson J-Frame) is on our list of Top 7 Guns for Senior Citizens.

Check it out here: Top 7 Guns for Seniors 

His other weapon on record is the venerable HK .45ACP semi auto, an excellent weapon especially if you’r not on a shoestring budget. Trump, as well as most major party nominees, is certainly not.

In conclusion, the Donald may actually know more about firearms than his main Republican rival, Ted Cruz, despite both candidates’ backgrounds. Case in point, the Texas senator released a campaign video during the primaries that touted his “machine-gun bacon” recipe.

The problem: Cruz was cooking the bacon with AR-15 clone, and any 2nd Amendment-loving American knows that true “machine-gun bacon” requires a machine gun. What Sen. Cruz was cooking was really “Semi-Automatic-Bacon,” delicious in its own right but NOT the same.

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