Crisis Prep


Emergency Tire Mounting… With Fire & Without [VIDEO]

When you're out four-wheeling in the backcountry, a flat tire can be a very big deal... while a tire that's been knocked off the bead can be … Read More


Man Tries to Drive a Truck Across 2 Wooden Planks onto a Ship [VIDEO]

Like many in the self-reliance movement, we're always looking for the next "Ultimate Bug-Out Vehicle" (preferably a 4X4 with all-terrain tires and a … Read More

DIY Projects


3 Simple Recipes to Make Awesome Venison Jerky

Making jerky is a great way to get the most out of any meat, including venison. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the drying method that is used to make jerky is one of the … [Read More]


Stay Cool and Save Money With a DIY Awning [INSTRUCTIONS]

Awnings are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to cool off your house during the summer without paying an exorbitant amount of energy for air conditioning. In fact, the U.S. Department of … [Read More]



YETI Unveils the First Ever $5,000 Cooler, CODENAME: “Ridicooler”

Since the beginning of this "high-end cooler hysteria" began, we've heard a chorus of hunters and outdoor types screaming one of two main responses: 1. I can't believe how amazingly cold this … [Read More]


If Your Knife Isn’t Sharp Enough for Shaving… READ THIS

Not that you'll wanna chunk your gillette in the trash and start shaving with your Buck knife, but keeping each of your knife blades sharp is important for many reasons, and it could even end up … [Read More]



Hunt Deer Like a Pro on Your First Time Out

The ability to successfully hunt deer is a skill that brings food to the table and puts clothing on your family's backs. A good hunter never allows any part of the deer to go to waste. They also do … [Read More]


How Would You Get This Family of Black Bears Out of Your Pool? [VIDEO]

We've discuss the proper ways to handle a bear encounter on Patriot Caller at length, but those tactics mostly apply to bears encounter "in the wild." The situation featured in this crazy video is … [Read More]

Self Defense


How to This World Champion Shoots a Pistol [VIDEO]

If you like shooting pistols, and you haven't heard of Jerry Miculek... it's time that we fix that for you. Not only is Jerry a champion in the world of competitive shooting, he's also an excellent … [Read More]


Ted Cruz Shares His “Machine Gun” Bacon Recipe [VIDEO]

Though some may call it superfluous, ridiculous, or a waste of perfectly good ammo... Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calls it "cookin' breakfast." At Patriot Caller, we'll call it what it really is: A … [Read More]