8 of the Best Air Pistols for Budget-Conscious Individuals


We’ve written before about the many reasons you should have at least one air powered gun in your arsenal. For starters, these weapons are way quieter than traditional firearms, and this can help you … [Read More...]

5 Techniques to Build Mental Toughness Like a Secret Agent

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland (Season 4, PR Art). - Photo:  Jim Fiscus/SHOWTIME - Photo ID:  HomelandS4_PRArt_01.R

Secret agents get a lot of credit for being mentally tough. And for good reason. And while they may have been recruited to this mentally taxing type or work because of their aptitude for thinking … [Read More...]

How to Protect Your Family from a Flint Scenario [STEP-BY-STEP]

Flint 3

Thanks to a growing awareness, better access to testing equipment, and several high-profile contamination disasters, it's become abundantly clear that the only agency that's truly capable of ensuring … [Read More...]

The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make (And How to Fix It)

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While you're taking some time to review your preparedness plans this season, it's crucial that you don't make the #1 prepper mistake of all-time. It's a very easy oversight to make, especially for … [Read More...]

What Happens When You Shoot Guns Under Water [VIDEO GALLERY]


When it comes to real world firearms testing, sometimes it's the oddball "what-ifs" that captivate our attention, rather than the boring old ballistics tests that are more likely to be relevant in a … [Read More...]

How to Tell if Someone is Lying (and Why it Matters MOST in the Apocalypse)


Desperate times make desperate people more desperate. And even those who would regularly be true to their word may feel like they have no choice but to deceive others in order to survive. But you … [Read More...]

If Your Password is on This List, Your Identity is NOT Safe


When it comes to protecting your right to privacy, bit by bit, it's become crystal clear that you are on your own. The State Department doesn't know what a secure server is, the NSA is actively … [Read More...]

3 Key Survival Skills From ‘The Revenant’


Who says that movies are just entertainment? “The Revenant” is much more than just the movie that might enable Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win an Academy Award. In fact, this blockbuster film … [Read More...]

Amazing! Here’s How to Fish without a Rod [VIDEO]

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Fishing is a fundamental outdoor survival skill. But like most other outdoor pursuits, we tend to get overly dependent on our gear.  It's understandable; we spent lots of money on that rod and reel … [Read More...]