Crisis Prep


6 Weird Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches (or a lighter)

Every hiking or hunting backpack, bug-out bag, and backcountry off-road vehicle should include at least one fire starter. Whether that's a simple Bic … Read More


RPG Vs. 16 Inches of Bulletproof Glass [VIDEO]

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DIY Projects


4 Shocking DIY Tree Trimming Disasters [VIDEO]

No matter what type of chainsaw or axe you're using, the most important equipment a operator can have is between their ears, as always. This is never more true than when it comes to felling a tree, … [Read More]


3 Simple Recipes to Make Awesome Venison Jerky

Making jerky is a great way to get the most out of any meat, including venison. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the drying method that is used to make jerky is one of the … [Read More]



10 Super Cool Gifts for People Who Enjoy the Homesteader Lifestyle

There are many super cool gifts you can get for that special someone in your life that enjoys the homesteader lifestyle, and one resounding theme that we hear about lately centers around the … [Read More]

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Top 3 Deer Hunting Handguns (Yes, Handguns) [PICS]

When it comes to deer hunting firearms, the traditional weapon of choice is a scoped bolt-action rifle. In fact, so many hunters carry these rifles that a novice might even think that it's the only … [Read More]



CRAZY: 2 Huge Bobcats Face Off in Suburban Front Yard [VIDEO]

Lots of suburbanites can relate to waking up to the sound of a morning catfight going on in the bushes outside their front window. But this bizarre catfight takes it to a whole new level... In … [Read More]


Watch This Crazy Guy Poking an Anaconda With a Stick [VIDEO]

Although the Anaconda movie franchises were mostly horrifically funny, rather than horrifically terrifying, that doesn't mean you can take the actual snakes lightly. As you can see from this video, … [Read More]

Self Defense


11 Gifts for the Self-Defense Junky That Has Everything

Are you looking for a practical gift for someone you know that is really into self-defense? Like, we mean really into it... as in they have bought every gadget and weapon under the sun that even … [Read More]


Farmer Gets Snakebit “Down There” While Urinating in Field [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

WARNING: Male readers gird your loins, as you are about to read one of the most horrifyingly nightmarish tales ever to grace the pages of The Patriot Caller.  A 46-year-old man has endured possibly … [Read More]