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6 Alternative Uses for Tea Tree Oil

The legend of tea tree oil or the oil produced from the Melaleuca Alternofolia, has been passed down for thousands of years by the native indigenous … Read More


Top 10 Lessons Every Prepper Can Learn from The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” is much more than just an entertaining zombie show that regularly smashes television ratings records. It is also a good primer … Read More

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10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Bugs

The study of entomology can be fascinating, but the last thing that you want to deal with in your home or garden is a bug problem. However, using pesticides can be dangerous, and recent studies … [Read More]


How to Make a DIY Hidden Book Compartment: Step-by-Step

Cutting a secret compartment into an old hard cover is a method old as time... You might say it's the oldest trick in the book. However, let me ask you this: If a burglar were to break into your … [Read More]



Meet the Land Rover Defender: The Ultimate Bug-Out Vehicle? [VIDEO]

This Land Rover camper-conversion by Alu-Cab (Codename: Icarus) caught our eye, not simply because it looks like it could survive a fall from the top of Mt. Everest, but because it's the first Land … [Read More]

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Introducing the 600 Round 9mm Assault Clip [VIDEO]

In the quest for true advancements in the world of firearms technology, there are trendsetters and there are outliers. And while the trend for manufacturers is ever greater ammo capacities, we're … [Read More]



How to Collect Wild Honey (The Mostly Pain-Free Method)

Honey is delicious, and many people love adding it to their tea and certain types of food. However, the process of collecting honey is not one that should be taken lightly. Even if you are a … [Read More]


Copperhead Bites Itself! [VIDEO]

Here's the thing about copperheads: Their venom is the least potent of all North American pit vipers, BUT they hold the title for "most likely to bite humans" going away. After watching this video, … [Read More]

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86-Year-Old Sniper Veteran Still Has Deadly Accuracy [VIDEO]

The longest recorded sniper kill was shot from a distance of 2,706 yards by Corporal Craig Harrison in November 2009, but this feat was accomplished by an active soldier with modern technology on his … [Read More]

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How to Create Unhackable Passwords

When it comes to protecting your right to privacy, it's become crystal clear that you are on your own... The IRS doesn't care, the NSA doesn't care, and even Fortune 500 retailers like Home Depot … [Read More]