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5 Mortgage-Free Survival Cabin Ideas

It's no secret that many of us within the self-reliance movement would absolutely love to build a small survival cabin in the wilderness... Both to enjoy on the weekends AND to serve as a bug-out location in a long period of social/economic turmoil. The problem for most of us, as it is with most dreams, is being able to afford this dream. Buying property costs money, then ... click here to see more


7 Controversial Survival Secrets Learned From The Ukraine Civil War

Fortunately, most Americans have never had to endure a war on our home front. However, there's a level of ignorance, and even a bit of hubris, that comes along with never having experienced the horror and powerlessness of a war raging in your own backyard... It's a humbling experience, to say the least, to come face to face with a set of dire circumstances that you are simply ... click here to see more


How Much Solar Power Do You Need? [VIDEO]

It's amazing how little most of us understand electricity -- shocking even -- especially when you stop and consider how much we depend on it as a power source... Many of us can't go 5 minutes without checking our smartphones, yet we don't know the difference between AC and DC power. I'm not saying that every survivalists need to be a certified electrician, but a functional ... click here to see more


5 Best Axes Under $50

Six million people have watched the video below, featuring some guy swinging an overpriced, state-of-the-art splitting axe to turn a tire filled with logs into perfectly split matchstick kindling... It's like a Home Shopping Network advertisement for a new kitchen tool that turns a potatoes into perfect french fries in seconds. The rub is that this "magic axe" can be yours, ... click here to see more

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How to Create Unhackable Passwords

When it comes to protecting your right to privacy, it's become crystal clear that you are on your own... The IRS doesn't care, the NSA doesn't care, and even Fortune 500 retailers like Home Depot and Target cannot and/or will not do what it takes to truly protect your most vital information. The Sony Pictures hacking scandal is only the latest in a string of wake up calls for ... click here to see more