How to Skin a Rattlesnake Like a Pro, Then Cook and Eat it [STEP-BY-STEP]


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Will A .50 Cal Stop a Running Engine?


When it comes to things you can ALWAYS count on when the going gets tough, the list is short but your trusty pickup is probably on it (right next to your dog). Right? We love pickups (Ford, Chevy, … [Read More...]

Top 8 Wildest Cat Encounters Caught on Camera [VIDEO GALLERY]

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.54.17 PM

WATCH: Coyote Faces Off Against Bobcat on Hiking Trail It's not often you get to see a bobcat or a coyote in broad daylight, on the side of a popular hiking trail no less. But to witness a … [Read More...]

THIS is How You Beat the S#!+ Out of a Mugger With a Pen [STEP-BY-STEP]


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[VIDEO] 7 Unbelievable Gun Battles Where No Lives Are Lost (Somehow…)


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10 Awesome Household Survival Hacks [STEP-BY-STEP]


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Watch X-Ray Footage of Your Favorite Guns FIRING!

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7 Things Billionaire Preppers Don’t Want You to Know

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Preppers come from all socioeconomic backgrounds, so it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that some of the rich and famous are just as concerned as the rest of us about what will happen when the … [Read More...]

How to Survive a Bullet Wound [STEP-BY-STEP]


In our quest for self-reliance, we're often drawn to fun topics like how to build wilderness cabins, or which bug-out vehicle to buy. However, learning to deal with the very unpleasant realities we … [Read More...]