Crisis Prep

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10 Places You’ll Want to Go if the Lights Go Out

A power outage is never a good thing, even if it only lasts for a few hours. After all, it can lead to food spoilage, and it also brings with it the … Read More

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6 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity [SHTF Preps]

If you read The Patriot Caller regularly, or live in an extremely cold climate, you already know how important it is to be prepared for both extreme … Read More

DIY Projects

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You Won’t Believe This Simple Headache Cure

Approximately 14 million Americans suffer from chronic daily headaches, and many more occasionally experience tension type headaches or migraines. This not only makes sufferers feel miserable but … [Read More]

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20 Weird (But Effective!) DIY Home Remedies [PICS]

For years, the so-called health experts scoffed at the phrase "home remedies," dismissing many of these powerful old world cures as superstitious nonsense, old wives tales, or worse... In recent … [Read More]



Top 5 Emergency Generators for Your SHTF Power Plan

We’ve discussed the shocking vulnerability of America’s power grid (no pun intended) many times on these pages, and for good reason. The likelihood that an act of terrorism, a cyber attack, or even a … [Read More]


Wish List of a Self-Reliance Fanatic: 10 Gifts That Are Guaranteed to Turn Heads

If we know one thing about those diehard members of the self-reliance movement, it’s that they have an awful lot of stuff. That’s a nice way of saying they’re nearly impossible to shop for. You may … [Read More]



7 Deer Habitat Problems and How to Fix Them [VIDEO]

Are you seeing fewer mature deer on your hunts this year? It could be that several habitat issues are causing bigger, more mature bucks to avoid your property during the daylight hours, if not … [Read More]


Watch This Crazy “Snake Lady” Get Bitten Repeatedly [VIDEO]

Look, there's really no reason to have a paralyzing fear of snakes (too many folks are already too scared of those rascally legless serpents), but a healthy respect for them seems only prudent -- even … [Read More]

Self Defense


How NOT to Introduce First-Time Shooters to the Joy of Firearms [VIDEO]

Tragically, many Americans never get the opportunity to learn to shoot and that is just plain wrong. Introducing new shooters to the wonderful world of marksmanship is of paramount importance for … [Read More]


Watch This 14-Year-Old Girl Destroy the Tactical Range [VIDEO]

Parents everywhere, take note: Tactical shooting is not a boys-only sport... not by a long shot. While many of our readers compete in tactical shooting competitions as a hobby, we doubt any of them … [Read More]